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  • Nextlaw Referral Network Ranked by Chambers 2019

    DE HOYOS Y AVILES proud to be a member of the largest, leading network in the world Mexico City. April 22, 2019. De Hoyos y Aviles (DHA) is pleased to announce that Nextlaw Referral Network (NRN) has been recognized as a Leading Global Legal Referral Network by Chambers & Partners in the Chambers 2019 guide. De Hoyos y Aviles has been a member of Nextlaw Network since 2017. Nextlaw Network has achieved this milestone faster than any network in history, having been founded in October 2016 by Dentons, the world’s largest law firm. The Network grew to be the largest in under one year and is now three-times larger than the second largest network in the world. “We are proud to be the champion of the small to medium-size law firms,” said Nextlaw Network CEO Jeff Modisett. “Until now, medium-sized law firms were excluded from most networks because of high annual fees and the exclusive, territorial and monopolistic nature of the traditional network business model. Our Network welcomes all top law firms in the world, focusing on quality, not size.” Jorge E. de Hoyos Walther, DHA managing partner, said, “Membership in the Nextlaw Referral Network provides us with unprecedented global reach, including leading capabilities in 205 countries. We have access to top lawyers in any practice, industry or sector, anywhere in the world, enabling us to provide our clients with the best local and global services possible. The Nextlaw Referral Network makes us truly ‘in and of the community.’” Chambers is an independent legal directory that conducts in-depth interviews, reviews submissions from law firms and collects feedback from clients to identify and rank the most outstanding legal referral networks, law firms and lawyers. Nextlaw Network has more members and covers more countries than any other single legal referral network in the world. Members conduct more than 2,000 searches per month on the network’s advanced proprietary platform, which is seamlessly linked with its sister network, the Nextlaw Public Affairs Network. More than 70 percent of NRN members are Chambers ranked. Nextlaw Network is one of the only referral networks that offers inter-disciplinary functionality. In today’s complex global environment, clients often need access to professionals who understand the regulatory, business and economic cultures everywhere they do business, which means integrating legal and public affairs representation. The Network provides no jurisdictional exclusivity, due to its guiding principle to offer clients the best lawyers in any practice, sector, anywhere in the world. Nextlaw Public Affairs Network, which was launched in September 2017, enables members of NRN to access companies and organizations that help clients shape government policy or public opinion through lobbying, public relations, advertising and survey research. About DE HOYOS Y AVILES (DHA) De Hoyos y Aviles is a Mexican Law Firm founded in 1964. All of its partners have an overall experience of at least twenty years working on real estate and commercial transactions, M&A, and/or complex litigation cases. The Firm is well-balanced, providing a broad range of services including civil and commercial litigation, cross-border litigation (Mexico-USA), corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, business & financial restructuring, contracts and commercial agreements, real estate, and more. About Nextlaw Referral Network Nextlaw Referral Network is the broadest and most sophisticated legal referral platform in the world. Introduced in October of 2016, it already includes nearly 750-member firms, over 30,000 lawyers covering all of the world’s major jurisdictions in more than 200 countries. In addition, working closely with its sister company, Nextlaw Labs, the platform will also introduce new technologies, products and services to its members. The platform also includes Nextlaw Global Public Affairs Network, the first of its kind network that includes more than 50 of the world’s top public affairs and public relations firms.

  • What Is a Litigation?

    ​Often when people think about litigation, they consider legal representatives taking cases to court or protecting claims brought versus their customers. ​ Nonetheless, due to the expense as well as damage to organization connections that occur throughout court conflicts, dispute resolution is frequently used. ​ Most leading law practice have specialist litigation and also dispute resolution divisions, whilst smaller sized or professional companies concentrate all their resources on litigation. ​ Litigation is a procedure for handling disagreements and also bringing legal actions in court to impose a specific right, where a judge finds the best decision for the involved parties unless the celebrations to resolve prior agreement. Negotiation can take place at any kind of factor during the litigation procedure. Simply put, when a person starts a civil lawsuit, he/she participates in a process called litigation.

  • Contract Definition

    A contract is a legally binding document between at least two parties that defines and governs the rights and duties of the parties to an agreement. An agreement between private parties creating mutual obligations enforceable by law. A mutual assent, expressed by a valid offer and acceptance. A contract is legally enforceable because it meets the requirements and approval of the law. A contract typically involves the exchange of goods, services, money, or promise of those. "Breach of contract", means that the law will have to award the injured party either access to legal remedies such as damages ( A unilateral contract is one in which there is a promise to pay or give other consideration in return for actual performance. (I will pay you $500 to fix my car by Thursday; the performance is fixing the car by that date.) A bilateral contract is one in which a promise is exchanged for a promise. (I promise to fix your car by Thursday and you promise to pay $500 on Thursday.) Contracts can be either written or oral, but oral contracts are more difficult to prove and in most jurisdictions, the time to sue on the contract is shorter (such as two years for oral compared to four years for written). ( Contract law is generally governed by the state Common Law, and while general overall contract law is common throughout the country, some specific court interpretations of a particular element of the Contract may vary between the states. (

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    INTERNATIONAL EXPERTISE At DHA we represent Mexican people and companies doing business abroad, as well as Foreigners who invest or have business in Mexico. ​ The firm has a network of contacts and strategic alliances in the main cities of the United States, Canada, Asia and Europe. The foregoing allows our clients to have adequate advice in their international operations. ​ USA DESK Our firm has its roots in northern Mexico. We know the commercial and personal dynamics that take place along the 3,169 kilometers of border between Mexico and the United States. We have offices at strategic points along the border, serving our clients who have businesses in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas. ​ Our team of attorneys at the border offices is not only bilingual, but bi-cultural. They grew up on the border, they know how to do business there. Constantly we are working in coordination with US firms in transactions and / or litigation with jurisdiction in both countries. We have a network of correspondents with coverage in major US cities, allowing us to provide our Mexican customers full coverage in the country, serving as liaison to protect their interests. CANADA DESK Canada is the second commercial partner of Mexico and the third country with the highest foreign direct investment in Mexico. Of the total number of tourists that visit the country each year, Canadians occupy second place, only surpassed by tourism from the United States. At DHA we have developed a network of contacts with specialized firms in Montreal, Toronto, Quebec and Vancouver, in order to guarantee our Mexican or Canadian clients the best legal advice in transactions or litigation involving both countries. We are aware of the growth of commercial relationships between France and Mexico, in the framework of the Commercial Trade with the European Union. For many decades, Mexico has welcomed French investors. In recent years, Mexico became more open towards foreign investments, eliminating restrictions in some key economic activities. With this favorable framework, France has brought important businesses to Mexico in areas where it is an undisputed leader, such as aerospace, automotive, energy, telecommunications, among others. ​ The France-Mexico Commerce Chamber was established in 1884 being a clear example of the strength of the relationships between the two countries. DHA is a proud member of this association and is ready to advise French investors through our French desk. ​ The DHA French desk is headed by Ivonne AGUILERA , fluent in French, who provides legal advice to investors to either set up a business in Mexico or collaborate with them in their development. ​ Please contact us should you need any support from our French desk. FRENCH DESK Contact Us LATIN AMERICA De Hoyos y Avilés is a Mexican law firm with a strong presence in the market in the Americas. Even though the United States and Canada are the first commercial partners of Mexico, the commercial relationship with South America is trying. Miami is a liaison center for the Americas and in that city our firm has strong relationships with the local lawyers' forum, actively participating in the International Law Section of the Florida Bar. In addition, we have built strategic alliances with specialized firms in Central America, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina and Chile. With the above, we provide a complete service to our clients with businesses in South America. ​


    OUR HISTORY Our firm was founded on the northern border of Mexico, by Gustavo A. de Hoyos Guevara . ​ A graduate of the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León , and a native of Monterrey, N.L., our founding partner was a courtroom lawyer. After seventy years of age, he continued to personally visit Judges and Magistrates. He was a trial lawyer and practiced his profession from 1943 until the year of his death in 2021 . Since its foundation, the firm has been growing, incorporating new generations of partners and opening new offices , first in the State of Baja California, a nd from there to the rest of the country. The dynamism of the economy of the neighboring state of California helped accelerate the growth of our organization in Mexico, with domestic and foreign clients . Approaching sixty years of tradition , today the law firm has offices in several states of the country and continues with its expansion plans . The legacy of our founding partner Gustavo A. de Hoyos Guevara remains and drives us in the pursuit of excellence . ​ CHAT WITH US


    Meet Our Team DHA is composed of a solid team of lawyers, from three generational levels, which give us a range of experience from 15 to 55 years. ​ We develop long-term relationships with our attorneys, clients, and service providers. We have a well-balanced team with one hundred percent permanence among the partners. ​ At DHA, the client can be confident that the associate who attends to her/him will be on our team a decade from now. ​ Each DHA lawyer is carefully selected according to a rigorous process in terms of technical skills and moral reliability. ​ The teamwork culture is continually fostered to bring the best results to the customers. Immediate communication and response are disciplines that we encourage in all our team. In DHA we emphasize the importance of gender equity. Women are the majority in our organization, we encourage the opportunities of women's personal development, taking advantage of their talent in leadership positions and high level of responsibility. ​ Contact Us Team Members Ignacio Avilés Bustillos Professional Profile Gustavo De Hoyos Guevara Professional Profile Jorge De Hoyos Walther Professional Profile Carlos De Hoyos Walther Professional Profile Gustavo De Hoyos Walther Professional Profile Karla Sofía Hernandez Oléa Professional Profile Jaleyna de la Peña Molina Professional Profile Ignacio Ochoa Alldredge Professional Profile Ivonne Aguilera Professional Profile Lisbia Soto Elenes Professional Profile Jose Angel Carrasco Carrasco Professional Profile Law Firm Profile Read More

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