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Our firm begins its growth in the Mexican State of Baja California, right on the Mexican border with San Diego. 

With coverage from Mexicali to Los Cabos, we are the largest law firm with the largest number of offices throughout the Baja California peninsula.  We know the peninsula better than anyone else.



The Tijuana-San Diego region is the largest binational metropolitan area along the U.S.-Mexico border, with over 5 million inhabitants.


Our team specializes in the Maquiladora Industry, Agriculture, Fishing, Tourism and Real Estate areas.  


International law plays an important role in this area. Any aspect of the law, whether it is family, commercial, labor, real estate or tax law, requires a binational vision on the border.


DHA attorneys are frequently teamed up with firms in San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco in transactions and litigation that have implications on both sides of the border.  


To understand binational business and relationships, it is necessary to experience them, to be there. We have the very best territorial coverage in Baja California. 

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