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Meet Our Team

De Hoyos Avilés - Law Firm

De Hoyos Avilés is composed of a solid team of lawyers, from three generational levels, which give us a range of experience from 15 to 55 years. 

We develop long-term relationships with our attorneys, clients, and service providers. 

We have a well-balanced team with one hundred percent permanence among the partners. 

At De Hoyos Avilés, the client can be confident that the associate who attends to her/him will be on our team a decade from now.  

Each De Hoyos Avilés' lawyer is carefully selected according to a rigorous process in terms of technical skills and moral reliability.  

The teamwork culture continually fosters to bring the best results to the customers.

Immediate communication and response are disciplines that we encourage in all our team.

In De Hoyos Avilés, we emphasize the importance of gender equity. 

Women are the majority in our organization, we encourage the opportunities of women's personal development, taking advantage of their talent in leadership positions and high level of responsibility.


Team Members

Ignacio Aviles Bustillos
Ignacio Avilés Bustillos
Gustavo de Hoyos Guevara.jpg
Gustavo De Hoyos Guevara
Jorge De Hoyos Walther
Carlos de Hoyos Walther
Carlos De Hoyos Walther
Gustavo de Hoyos Walther
Gustavo De Hoyos Walther
Karla Sofia Hernandez Aguilera
Karla Sofía Hernandez Oléa
Jaleyna de la Peña Molina.jpeg
Jaleyna de la Peña Molina
Ignacio Ochoa Alldredge
Ignacio Ochoa Alldredge
Ivonne Aguilera
Ivonne Aguilera
Lisbia Soto Elenes - Profile
Lisbia Soto Elenes
ERNESTO VELARDE DANACHE- De Hoyos Aviles_edited.jpg
Ernesto Velarde Danache
Jose Angel Carrasco Carrasco
Jose Angel Carrasco 

Professional Profile

color picture of Lawyer from the back, l
Fernando D. Rodriguez Castillo

Professional Profile

Contract Review
Maria Luisa Walther Cuevas

Professional Profile

Tania Patricia Torres Magallanes_edited.jpg
Tania Patricia Torres Magallanes
Terry Ahtziry Cárdenas Banda.jpg
Terry Ahtziry Cárdenas Banda
Luis Armendariz_edited.jpg
Luis Armendariz

Law Firm


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