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Our firm was founded on the northern border of Mexico, by Gustavo A. de Hoyos Guevara.

A graduate of the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, and a native of Monterrey, N.L., our founding partner was a courtroom lawyer.


After seventy years of age, he continued to personally visit Judges and Magistrates.

He was a trial lawyer and practiced his profession from 1943 until the year of his death in 2021.  


Since its foundation, the firm has been growing, incorporating new generations of partners and opening new offices, first in the State of Baja California, and from there to the rest of the country.  


The dynamism of the economy of the neighboring state of California helped accelerate the growth of our organization in Mexico, with domestic and foreign clients.


Approaching sixty years of tradition, today the law firm has offices in several states of the country and continues with its expansion plans.


The legacy of our founding partner Gustavo A. de Hoyos Guevara remains and drives us in the pursuit of excellence

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