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White collar and investigations

Business activity connects a multitude of disciplines of law, which can cause any situation to fall within the scope of Criminal Law.


In the relationship of the company with the government, criminal laws provide for various crimes in the fiscal, labor, environmental, economic competition, money laundering, among others.


In addition, the misconduct of the administrator with the partners or the partners with each other also lead to criminal proceedings.

The DHA team has experience advising clients in a preventive manner in the proper compliance with the regulatory framework.


The foregoing to ensure that they engage in conduct sanctioned by criminal law.

In case it is necessary to go to a criminal trial in defense of the interests of our client, the firm has a network of criminal lawyers throughout the country, in order to recommend the appropriate specialist for each case, since the laws of Criminal penalties may vary by state.


When requested by the client, the DHA team can serve as a channel between the client and the criminal attorney in charge of the case.

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