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We assist high net worth individuals and families with the accumulation, management, transfer and protection of personal wealth.


Our private client practice offers individuals a full range of services for legal, financial  and investment counsel.


Drawing on the resources of lawyers from other practice groups dedicated to serving the unique needs of family businesses and charitable organizations, the firm also represents clients in matters relating to corporate, partnership, real estate and tax law, as well as in litigation matters.

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Probate Law


Our probate law team has extensive experience in resolving differences arising from the division of companies, as well as inheritances and bequests.


We have participated in numerous cases involving challenges to a will and conflicts with creditors to an estate, or with tax authorities on the distribution of a decedent's estate.


We are very familiar with the problems associated with probate processes when the estate is located in different countries, or when the heirs have more than one nationality or place of residence.


We handle probate litigation and other types of fiduciary litigation for clients nationwide for the following matters:


  • Will Contest

  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty 

  • Probate Fraud 

  • Beneficiary Rights

  • Trust Litigation.



We are one of the best Law Firms in Mexico providing legal counsel for all family-law related matters.


We have a strong reputation for practical, ethical and personal service, and understand the sensitive nature of these matters.


We combine unique insight and understanding with a caring and supportive environment while working with our clients in order to resolve their situation.


Our Family Law attorneys represent clients in a broad range of legal matters, both routine and complex, that affect families in transition.

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Family Law

Our Team has ample experience on legal issues arising from intestacy laws and the legal recourse provided by state civil codes in the event that an individual dies intestate.


We can provide legal assistance and representation for individual clients residing out of state or out of the country, who seek resolution to inheritance matters, and impending issues related to wills or trusts.

In situations where there is the absence of a will and conflict arises, our lawyers at DE HOYOS Y AVILES can work efficiently and professionally to resolve such matters.



Inheritance Law
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