In connection with the recent amendments to the health regulations, the Federal Commission for the Protection Against HealthRisks ("Cofepris") has taken different actions against the sale, distribution and advertising of the so called "miracle products," which are distributed without the support of scientific evidence proving their therapeutic properties.

Such actions range from impounding products promising to "cure" different diseases (such as cancer, osteoporosis, obesity,depression, overweight and arthritis) to the latest amendment to the Regulations to the General Health Law on Advertising Matters, in order to require that the mass media apply for and obtain a Cofepris permit prior to advertising such products.

More than 250 "miracle products" failing to comply with health regulations and representing a significant risk to public health have been withdrawn from the market, including: "Adelgaza Line," "Alcachofa Caps," "Biocare Slim," "Chardon de Marie," "Demograss," "Less Kilos," "Rejuvital" and "Zutrax Prostamax."

Cofepris intends to force manufacturers and distributors to submit scientific information in order to evaluate the therapeutic and remedial properties of their products, by obtaining health registrations of such products as drugs, thus avoiding a public health risk.