These rules come into force in 30 working days after September 28, 2012, and they rule

a. Everything related to the formation and direction of the immigration policy of the Mexican State
b. The processes of certification and professionalization of the Public Servants of the National Immigration Institute
c. The international movement of persons
d. The criteria and requirements for the issuance of visas
e. The immigration situation of foreigners in Mexican territory
f. Protection to immigrants that transit through Mexican territory
g. The immigration administrative procedure in regulation, control and immigration verification matters and the assisted return of foreigners

It foresees the criteria for the issuance of visas and the characteristics of those issued in favor of:

I. Visitors: i) with no permit to carry out remunerated activities, ii) with permit to carry out remunerated activities and iii) to process adoptions

II. Residents: i) temporary, ii) students and iii) permanent

It goes into detail in the family unit figure foreseen in the Immigration Law, which is entitled to be kept by Mexicans and temporary or permanent foreigners residing in Mexican territory, as well as the applicants of these kinds of visas. Applicants that seek to bring their relatives must submit proof of economic solvency in order to support them.